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About Us

A subsidiary of Abul Trading Group established 150 years ago by the consolidated efforts of the great ancestors to focus on sea trade business and shipment activities to Kuwait from India, Iran and Iraq, Abdulaziz Ali Abul Sons Co. is a W.L.L Company founded in 1999, with an initial capital investment of KD150, 000 (approximately $500,000). The company is engaged in the business of offering investment advice to its clients, by providing them with the right opportunities, enabling them to make informed investment decisions as well as shaping and structuring their financial and investment strategy for the short and long term.

During the initial years of its operations, the company focused primarily on local investments, i.e., equity and real estate investments, however today its business model is dependent on local and international financial investments as well as real estate.

Our clients include corporations, institutions, private firms and individual investors. We have a team of well seasoned professionals who spend time understanding each one of our client’s requirements, assessing their risk potential and then formulating strategies that will best help them achieve their financial and investment objective.

We draw strength from our understanding of the local market, and our lineage of being one of the foremost financial powerhouses in the nation.
Abdul Aziz Ali Abul Sons Company is one of the main founders of the leading National Takaful Insurance Co., Gulf Franchising Co., and AQAR Real Estate Investments Co.

Abdul Aziz Ali Abul Sons Company boasts of establishing the following companies on a joint venture basis:

Soor Engineering Bureau
Al Mazaya Holding Co.
AMWAL International Investment Co.

To offer the highest level of service and value, always putting the client first.

To be a client-centric company that is committed to the growth and development of its clients, people and the markets it operates.

Core Values
At the heart of our operations is a set of core values and principles that govern the way we work with our clients, staff and partners.

Delivering Value
We are committed to providing utmost value to our clients through the products and service that we offer.

Integrity and professionalism
We value our reputation for integrity and professionalism. This is deeply woven into our culture and is one of the reasons for our success.

Responsibility and accountability
We take complete responsibility and accountability for the investment advisory services that we offer.

Flexibility and agility
We are flexible and quickly adapt to change be it in the adoption of new ideas, technology or the swiftness with which we implement unique products and services.

Future Perspective
At Abdulaziz Ali Abul Sons Co., we have always sought to distinguish ourselves by focusing completely on our customers. The very fabric of our business is built on trust, offering value and the framework of developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Going forward, we are looking at consolidating our local operations and embarking on an ambitious plan of expanding regionally. Besides concentrating and expanding our core business, we would also be foraying into new domains such as retail franchising of fashion brands, cafes and restaurants.

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